Investing beyond public markets

With inVenture Capital you can indirectly participate in high-yield venture capital funds. Thereby, you get access to a portfolio of fast growing start-ups.

Participate indirectly in the performance of young technology companies that are revolutionizing entire industries and business sectors.

Bewertung erfolgreicher Start-ups in Deutschland, die mit Venture Capital finanziert wurden

Venture Capital is a highly exclusive asset class.
inVenture Capital unlocks its advantages for everyone.

While asset classes like venture capital make up a significant portion of an institutional investors' and high-net-worth individuals' portfolio, these types of investments were unavailable to the average individual due to high financial entry barriers - until now.

The Challenge

The minimum investment amount for direct investments into venture capital funds usually starts between €200,000 and €1 million - too high for most private investors.

The Solution

inVenture Capital pools capital commitments from many individual investors in a special and safe investment vehicle, which meets the minimum investment required to invest directly into the underlying target funds.

Your Advantage

This investment structure makes it possible to bring the minimum investments down to a level that makes sense for the average investor like you - starting with as little sums as €1,000.

How does it work?

You purchase securities on our investment platform from an independent investment vehicle, an SPV (special purpose vehicle). This grants you a claim to the returns of the underlying target fund and reduces the minimum investment required significantly. Finally, the SPV pools the capital of all investors that purchased securities and invests it into the respective fund.

Funktionsweise von mittelbaren VC Investments über inVenture Capital

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Invest in four steps

Our investment platform provides you with a speedy and seamless investment experience.

VC Startup Investments mit inVenture Capital - Schritt 1
In Venture Capital Fonds investieren Schritt 1: Anmeldung

Step 1: Registration

Create a free account and verify your ID in minutes.

In Venture Capital Fonds investieren Schritt 2: Produktauswahl
VC Startup Investments mit inVenture Capital - Schritt 2 Produktauswahl

Step 2: Product Selection

Review products and learn more about a target fund.

In Venture Capital Fonds investieren Schritt 3: Investition
VC Startup Investments mit inVenture Capital - Schritt 3 Investmentprozess

Step 3: Investment Decision

Choose a product and complete your investment starting from €1,000.

VC Startup Investments mit inVenture Capital - Schritt 4 Dashboard
In Venture Capital Fonds investieren Schritt 4: Reportings

Step 4: Reporting

Monitor your portfolio and access reports directly on our platform.

Discover product features

Expected Returns

The potential returns correspond with the dividends distributed by the underlying target fund. Risk and return profiles will vary and depend on the selected portfolio companies of the fund. For more information, please refer to the Key Information Documents (KIDs) about the respective product.

European venture capital funds have generated an average net return of 22.7% per year over the last 10 years.

Jährliche durchschnittliche Nettorendite von VC in Europa im Vergleich

Type of security

Investors acquire digital securities on the inVenture capital investment platform. An SPV (special purpose vehicle) issues those securities and pools the capital of investors.

Dividend distribution

Digital securities grant investors a claim to a variable interest rate until maturity. The final returns depend on the dividends of the underlying target fund in which the SPV invests.


Your digital securities are stored in a wallet until maturity. You can access your wallet anytime. A wallet is a modern type of depot. The wallets at inVenture Capital are provided by a crypto custodian who is supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Investment time horizon and distribution of returns

Venture capital is a long-term asset class. This means that investors cannot liquidate their position until the end of the fund’s term, usually 8 to 12 years. The target funds call capital from the SPV periodically as investments are made, but investors cannot expect to receive cash flows in return until late in the fund’s life.

Anlagehorizont und Auszahlungsprofil der inVenture Capital Wertpapiere


inVenture Capital leverages blockchain technology to democratize the venture capital market and enable investors to invest indirectly in selected venture capital funds via digital securities.

Tokenizing Venture Capital

Via tokenization, large investments can be fragmented into any number of digital units. Such a unit is called a token or digital security and reduces the minimum investment required for assets like venture capital funds significantly. Thus, inVenture Capital tokenizes venture capital investments to allow investors to acquire shares in the form of digital securities.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is an immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets. Tokenization leverages blockchain technology to securitize assets. Key benefits of tokenization include lower costs, more transparency and efficient processes.

Start Your Venture Journey

inVenture Capital gives you access to the venture capital market. Take advantage of this opportunity and profit indirectly from high-yield venture capital funds.

  • Invest in 4 steps
  • Choose from a variety of investment opportunities
  • Increase your returns with a diversified portfolio
  • Receive reportings
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